You may remember seeing photos of this bride who I did make up for back in Oct. LAStyleUnveiled.com featured an article about this wedding. Click on the photo to view a larger photo or read the full article.

Article by LAStyleUnveiled.com.



I was one of the three bridemaids at my friend's wedding and I made up all the bridesmaids and the bride.

Photos by Duke Photography

The story is that while I was busy all morning with all three girls, the two other bridesmaids chose their bouquets and was hanging on to theirs. I was wondering why they were so concerned about their flowers until I realized later that I was left with the one that was the most wilted. Thanks Aya and Mandy for making sure I got the worst bouquet of the bunch.

From left to right it is Aya, Mandy then me.

This is Aya and I use couple of different eyeliner to make hers eyes bigger. Aya, I forgive you because you made delicious blueberry and chocolate cupcakes for the wedding.

As you can see my bouquet has sunflower that is missing pedals.
I am finally done with my makeup duties. Now, I can have my sangria drink. Cheers!

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Bride: Mrs. Partida
Bridemaids: Aya Takebatashi, Mandy Rockwell + Mari Okumura
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